BREAKING: Missouri becomes latest state to pass highly restrictive anti-abortion legislation


Missouri’s Republican-led House passed a bill on Friday banning abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy with an exception for medical emergencies but not for rape or incest. Republican Gov. Mike Parson has said he would sign the bill, following the governors of Alabama, Georgia and several other states who have also recently signed stringent abortion legislation.

Under the bill, doctors who perform an abortion after the eight-week cutoff could face five to 15 years in prison.

Full Story @ NBC News


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Leave it to the brain dead Republicans to invade a woman’s uterus. They don’t even respect the crimes of rape or incest (probably because most of them are guilty of this themselves). And of course, it’s always the woman’s fault, she’s always the one to blame for getting pregnant. That’s why men are excluded from these laws and never held accountable. I suggest we just castrate all the men in each of the Dark Age states that seek to control women. And all the women in America should boycott all men and all sexual activity. Probably a good time to invest in vibrator stock too, sales are probably going to skyrocket.


sorry guys im retarded