How to Search Media Bias Fact Check

As many know we are in the process of developing a new website with a search feature that will target only sources. This will eliminate articles and bring you directly to the [...]

US-Turkish Tensions on the Rise

7/16/16@6:54 pm U.S.-Turkish tensions escalated Saturday after a quashed coup in Turkey, as the country’s leader bluntly demanded the extradition of a U.S.-based cleric [...]

Erdogan Demands Gulen

7/16/16 @ 2:58pm Turkish President Erdogan demands that the US extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who he blames for the attempted coup – Source: [...]

Who Chooses our Candidates?

7/16/16 “If you walk into a ballot booth to cast your vote [in a primary], you’re not really voting for the candidate you back.” says The Atlantic’s senior politics [...]

New Fact Check Rating Images

(12/20/15) I have been told by more than one person that I should change the fact check rating images to something more professional and less offensive.  I was trying to be [...]

Corporate Media Bias in America

(12/15/15) David Schultz of the MinnPost writes: “But the other factor benefiting Trump is media bias. For years conservatives railed against a liberal media bias. If [...]

Website Updates

(12/13/15) I now have over 200 media sources listed on the website.  I am still missing several.  My goal is to get the top 3 newspapers from each state.  I currently have [...]
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