70% of Women Who had Abortions are Christian


The results of a phone survey conducted by Christian research organization Lifeway Research shows that 70% of women who have had abortions identify as Christian and 40% report they attend church frequently (at least monthly).  50% of those who had abortions chose to hide this information from the church.  The survey consisted of 1038 respondents who have had abortions.  The survey can be found here: Lifeway Research.  The study also looked at how the church reacted to their abortions with 59% of the reactions either being judgmental or condemning toward them.


In a separate study Pew Research revealed that 61% of people who feel religion is important think that abortion should be illegal in all cases.  There seems to be a strong disconnect between the reality of women’s reproductive health and the base of the church.


This brings up interesting questions.  Does the church understand that interfering in women’s reproductive rights will ultimately drive them away from the church?  Does the church need to change or should they simply cast these people out?  There seems to be a high degree of hypocrisy when it comes to women’s reproductive health.  Sadly, we can expect the church and most conservative Christians to claim these women are not real Christians.  Why be a part of a religion that rejects you based on your gender and your personal choices?  Why?


Women Distrust Church on Abortion

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