Fake News From Macedonia Tied To Prominent American Conservatives

By Kenneth White

Trajche Arsov, a 33-year-old attorney who made a name for himself defending journalists against the Macedonian government, has been called the ‘godfather’ of the misinformation racket perpetrated by Macedonian teens who used Google ads to make money. Arsov launched the first of many fake news sites such as ‘USConservativeToday.com’ and ‘TrumpVision365.com’. The report disclosed that he worked closely with Paris Wade, currently a Republican candidate for the Nevada State Assembly, and Ben Goldman, a conservative writer and publisher. Wade and Goldman were the founders of Liberty Writers News, a site that published hyperpartisan content and garnered tens of millions of page views during the election cycle.

Cross sharing their content, Wade reportedly wrote more than 40 articles for Arsov’s site ‘USA Politics Today’ and his brother, Alex Wade, wrote at least 670. The connection was surfaced by Buzzfeed and includes reports that Anna Bogacheva, recently indicted by the Mueller investigation, visited Macedonia three months before the first US politics site was even registered. Reporters were not able to verify a connection between Arsov and Bogacheva at the time of the article’s release. Buzzfeed reports that Macedonian security agencies are now working with at least two Western European countries to look into the activities that transpired in the town of Veles, Macedonia.


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