Trump Aide Urges Rescissions Bill

By Kenneth White

While Republicans are divided about how to resolve issues related to the spending bill and struggling against the unexpected turbulence over House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to retire, legislative director Marc Short urged Mitch McConnell to consider new “rescissions” legislation. These would be further spending cuts sought by fiscal conservatives in the House of Representatives. As a guest on Meet the Press, Short said, “Nobody saw the text of the bill within 24 hours, because the process in Congress is broken”. Democratic support for the bill was found in $60 billion of non-military spending which is now considered to be on the chopping block.

Republican senator Susan Collins said on Sunday that she would not support a bill that unwinds the bipartisan deal. House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy, whom Ryan has endorsed, wants to use the rescissions bill to implement further spending cuts. McConnell warned last week, “You can’t make an agreement one month and say: ‘Ok, we really didn’t mean it.”

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