BREAKING: 12 Russian intelligence officers indicted for hacking in 2016 US presidential election.

On Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein held a press conference regarding indictments of 12 Russian military officers for conspiring to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Rod Rosenstein announced: “A grand jury in the District of Columbia returned an indictment presented by the special counsel’s office charging 12 Russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Eleven are charged with conspiring to hack into computers, steal documents, and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election. One of those defendants and a 12th Russian military officer are charged with conspiring to infiltrate computers of administering elections, including State boards of election, secretaries of State, and companies that provide software used to administer elections. According to allegations in the indictment, the defendants worked for two units of the main intelligence directorate of Russian general staff, known as the GRU.”

You can also read the full indictment here.

Source: DOJ

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3 Comments on "BREAKING: 12 Russian intelligence officers indicted for hacking in 2016 US presidential election."

  1. One can’t “hack an election.” Voting machines could be hacked into (though it had already been confirmed that this did not happen). We did see efforts to claim that all those Americans who openly criticized the Clinton wing were “Russian operatives” — reminiscent of the McCarthy Era. And final point: The incredibly vague charge of “conspiracy” has been a standard tactic for a very long time, used to supress political opposition.

  2. Red Green | July 13, 2018 at 5:07 pm |

    Is is even possible that Trump would lie?

  3. I personally haven’t seen anything to indicate that Trump is concerned about the truth, but that doesn’t mean that those pushing the anti-Russian propaganda are truthful, either.


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