Facebook Releases Internal Acceptable Content Guide


By Kenneth White

Facebook today released a 27 page document that provides content moderators enough specificity in judging the permissibility of hate speech, nudity, violence and controversial language posted to its social platform. The document was released just days after Mark Zuckerberg testified in congress and follows frequent criticism and confusion surrounding the companies policies.

Facebook’s “Community Standards” have been available for viewing on their site for years, but it’s also common knowledge that Facebook maintains an internal, more nuanced and intensive set of guidelines – a manual 8,500 words long that determines acceptable content. The interpretation of the rules in this document has often led moderators into difficult, and public, controversy.

Facebook published the policies to help people understand where the company draws the line on nuanced issues, Monika Bickert, vice president of global policy management, said in a blog post. The company will for the first time give people a right to appeal its decisions.

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