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(Fact Check) Is Donald Trump’s Approval Rating the Lowest in Recent History Before an Inauguration?

We were asked to fact check if Donald Trump’s approval rating is at a historic low days before the inauguration. The source of the fact check comes from a Politcususa article in which they claim “America is not giving Donald Trump a warm welcome to the White House as a new poll found that Trump’s job approval rating has dropped seven points to 37% over the past month.”

The source for this comes from a Quinnipiac Poll conducted between 1/5 – 1/9. The poll shows that 37% of American’s approve of Donald Trump and 51% do not. According to Pew Research, the lowest pre-inaugural approval rating for a President was George W. Bush in 2001, with a rating of 50%. If comparing Quinnipiac’s poll number of 37% to George W. Bush’s 50%, then certainly it would be true that Trump has the lowest Pre-inaugural approval rating in recent history.

1_1Image Source: Pew Research

There are other polls, however, that show Trump with higher approval ratings. A Reuters/Ipsos poll that ended on 1/3 showed Trump with a favorable rating of 50%, which is tied with George W. Bush. In another poll conducted by Rasmussen that ended on 12/22, Trump had a 51% favorable rating.

In order to really determine if Trump has the lowest pre-inaugural approval rating in recent history, we must look at the averages of all recent polls. To do that we will use the current Real Clear Politics polling average for Trump’s approval. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump’s current approval rating is 42.8%, which is still well below George W. Bush’s 50% rating in 2001.

We rate the claim that Trump has the lowest recent historical approval rating before an inauguration as MOSTLY TRUE. Using the averages of all recent polls it is certainly true, however there have been polls in the last 2 weeks that show Trump tied or slightly ahead of George W. Bush.

All sources are hyperlinking in the article.

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