MBFC 2016 Reflections

Colorful 2017 signThanks!  That is really all we want to say.  One year ago this was just an idea with zero plan. Heck, even 6 months ago we were not sure where we were going.  We now know, thanks to the positive and negative feedback from the people who care about bias and truth in media.  This is your website.  We might have an algorithm that some agree or disagree with, but it is ours, and it is unique, and we are the only source on the internet who can make this claim. In 2017, we will continue to improve the site and to revise each entry.  We will also add every submission sent to us as long as there is some political component to the source.  Our fact checking will expand greatly.  We will never be Politifact, but we will be their crumbs and cover the ones they miss or are too big to cover.  Our mission statement for 2017: is to be better than 2016.  To make sure we are always objective and to only employ those who care about integrity in media.

Happy New Year from MBFC!

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