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logoOver the last month we have gone through the painstaking process of adding voting polls to each source page on the site.  That would be about 600 polls out of 725 sources.  We did not add the polls to Conspiracy/Pseudoscience, Pro-Science, and Satire pages as they don’t all have a left-right bias.  All left through right sources now have a poll to rate the source.

We felt this would be a great feature so that people can compare our ratings with those of the public who consume the media.  The results so far are mostly an affirmation that people agree with our ratings, though there have been some surprises where a far right site was rated as extreme left.  Hopefully, this will balance out as more people vote.  Finally, once a source reaches 100 votes we will adjust our rating to meet the consumer rating if necessary.  Since determining media bias involves both objective and subjective components we feel this will make our rating even stronger and more reliable for those who find our site.

We want to thank all the people who have suggested sources.  There have been 100’s and we are adding them one by one where appropriate.  We also appreciate the great feedback and those who have spotted some errors and brought it to our attention.  This is very helpful to keep this place honest, which is the ultimate goal.

Here is an example of our polls.  This one is for the Washington Post.  Give it a vote and check out the results.

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Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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