Game Over! Climate Talks Begin.

Climate talks are set to begin in Paris on Monday with 195 nations represented.  There is an estimated 1 million people who will protest worldwide.  People are protesting because they know the results of these talks will not make a difference.  This meeting is simply lip service to show the world that our governments care and are trying reduce carbon emissions.  The bottom line is they do not care as long as the western economies are humming right along.

Allow me to drop some science on you to put the importance of global warming in perspective.  First, let’s imagine that humanity stopped all carbon emissions.  Here is what would happen.  Due to thermal lag (I won’t bore you with the details) the earth will continue to warm for at least 40 more years.  At that point the temperature would stabilize, but at a higher temperature than today and would take over 1000 years for the temperatures to return to pre-industrial levels.  There is more to consider.  With our temperatures being higher the arctic will continue to melt and release more carbon and methane that will not allow the carbon levels in the atmosphere to drop.  The climate is in a serious positive feedback loop that will not reverse anytime soon.

Now for reality.  Humans will not reduce carbon levels.  They will increase.  The human demand for energy will always outweigh the need for carbon reduction.  According to the IPCC we can expect the earth to warm 4C (7F) by 2100.  In other words, learn to swim!  Game over.


IPCC Reports 2014

Written by Dave Van Zandt

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