Opinion: Bias Kills!

A Planned Parenthood gets shot up in Colorado Springs resulting in 3 dead and numerous wounded, a black church gets shot up in Charleston SC with 9 dead and finally an horrific elementary school shooting resulting in 27 dead, that are mostly children.  There are too many to list.  All of these acts were domestic terrorism and all have a common theme, fear.  This fear stems from extreme bias and happens on both the left and right, but it would be dishonest to not point out that the right wing’s message is built upon fear alone.  Media bias can kill.  You are reading that correct.  It can lead to these horrible acts.  When a person is mentally unstable and they are consistently fed biased rhetoric it can act as a trigger.  As of now we do not know the motivation of the Planned Parenthood shooter and I will not speculate, but his target is a common one among radical anti-abortion activists.  The media cannot be blamed alone, for they are simply reporting the news.  Republican presidential candidates have been using the abortion issue in a very aggressive manner this elections cycle.  Carly Fiorina falsely cited a fake video that showed moving fetuses being chopped up.  This simply was not true and yet, right wing media outlets ran with it for weeks.  It is this bias and outright lies that lead to violence.  These biased lies created rage against Planned Parenthood.  Did this create yesterday’s shooter?  Tough to say, but one thing is certain, if you rely solely on confirmation bias your mental health will deteriorate.  Diversify and find the truth anyway you can.  Your health depends on it.

Written by Dave Van Zandt

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