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Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information, therefore fact checking and further investigation is recommended on a per article basis when obtaining information from these sources. See all Conspiracy-Pseudoscience sources.

  • In conclusion, The Vaccine Reaction is a Quackerly level Pseudoscience website based on anti-vaccination propaganda promotion.

Detailed Report

Factual Reporting: LOW
Country: USA
Press Freedom Rating: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Organization/Foundation
Traffic/Popularity: Minimal Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY


Founded in 1995, The Vaccine Reaction promotes anti-vaccination propaganda. According to the about page, “The Vaccine Reaction, or TVR, is a free online subscription journal newspaper published by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a 501(c)(3)H nonprofit organization. We do not accept advertising. hosts our website”. is an organization that promotes medical quackery, pseudoscience, and misinformation.

Funded by / Ownership

Individual donations and philanthropic foundations fund NVIC. NVIC claims to be preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. Revenue for the website is through donations to NVIC.

Analysis / Bias

The Vaccine Reaction’s editorial point of view is anti-vaccination. Linked references for their “articles” point back to their site. Thus, their sourcing is inadequate if not non-existent. For example, “” Another example includes “Courts in Spain Order Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Incapacitated Nursing Home Residents,” which links back to their site and offers innuendo without evidence of their being a problem with the COVID vaccine.

Opinion pieces use questionable sources such as the “The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics? Frontline Health Care Workers”, published by The Epoch Times. The Vaccine Reaction frequently promotes debunked science such as vaccines causing autism, cancer, and numerous other misleading ailments. See fact checks below. In general, they promote medical quackery related to vaccines and offer zero credibility.

Failed Fact Checks

In conclusion, The Vaccine Reaction is a Quackerly level Pseudoscience website based on anti-vaccination propaganda promotion. (User submitted, Edited by D. Van Zandt 4/1/2021)

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