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Government Type: Unitary Parliamentary / Constitutional Monarchy.
Leader: Prime Minister is Magdalena Andersson
Political Party: Social Democratic Party
Political Position: Center-Left 

Press Freedom

World Press Freedom Rank: Sweden 3/180

Reporters Without Borders ranked Sweden 3rd in its Annual Press Freedom Index, stating, “Sweden, home of the world’s first press freedom law from 1776, still ranks among the very top when it comes to media independence.” 

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

The Swedish media is directly subsidized by the government and distributed to media based on the fulfillment of conditions stated by The Swedish Press and the Broadcasting Authority, a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Culture. Information regarding media or subsidies is transparent. For more details on the Swedish press subsidy system, please see HERE. Additionally, family corporate groups dominate newspaper ownership. These are the Bonnier Group based in Stockholm, Schibsted Group based in Oslo/Norway, The Stampen Group based in Göteborg, which could lead to pro-corporate bias.


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