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Studio News Network - Right Bias - ConspiracyFactual Reporting: Mixed - Not always Credible or Reliable


A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source. See all Questionable sources.

Update: This source is no longer online

Reasoning: Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy

Studio News Network is a conservative news source/blog that reports validated independent news stories (VIN’s) on government corruption and in particular police brutality and injustice. The website was founded by Jon Masters (Jonathan Spiel) who states on his about page: “One of the primary goals of this site is to expose injustice, to shine a cleansing, revealing light to help the public become better informed and enlightened in the understanding and defense of our inalienable constitutional rights as American citizens.” Studio News Network also proclaims themselves a conservative source when asking for donations: “Can You Afford Just Ten Dollars To Help Us Keep This Site Going During The Conservative Purge?” Further, the owner of this site, Jonathan Spiel has been named as a defendant in a case where he published a false report that damaged a family’s reputation and resulted in death threats.

In review, Studio News Network reports a combination of credible news and conspiratorial news. There is minimal use of loaded language in the headlines and articles, and for the most part they are sourced. However, sometimes the sources are not credible. In this article they source Natural News, which is an extreme right Conspiracy and dangerous Pseudoscience website. In another article they source The Duran, which is on our questionable list for publishing misleading conspiracy stories. Studio News Network also publishes many stories regarding the so called Deep State conspiracy. Overall, we rate Studio News Network Questionable based on the publication of conspiracies and use of sources that are highly questionable for factual reporting  (D. Van Zandt 12/31/2017) Updated (4/6/2018)


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