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Government Type: Republic
Leader: President Wavel Ramkalawan
Political Party: Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS)
Political Position: Center

Press Freedom

World Press Freedom Rank: Seychelles 13/180

Seychelles is ranked 13th in the 2022 World Press Freedom Index, compiled by Reporters Without Borders. The RSF report acknowledges the progress in press freedom and improved ranking compared to past years by stating, “More varied, more independent media.” The report also “highlights limitations with respect to plurality and funding.”

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

The Seychelles media consists of privately owned media outlets and the public service broadcaster Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) owned media outlets. SBC receives funding from the government budget and advertising revenue, with The President of the Republic appointing the board members. The SBC owns and operates two TV stations (SBC1 and SBC2), two Radio stations (Radyo Sesel & Paradise F.), and a newspaper Seychelles Nation.

TéléSesel is the only private television channel in Seychelles, owned by Clive Camille and Gilmer Philoe.

The print media in Seychelles is either state-controlled or privately owned but tied to the politicians. For example, The state owns one of the daily newspapers, Seychelles Nation, through The National Information Services Agency. The weekly People is owned by the political party Parti Lepep (United Seychelles). Another weekly, The Independent, is closely linked to the Seychelles Labour Union (SLU), with Ralph Volcère, the president of the SLU, serving as the newspaper’s editor.

In conclusion, state media dominate the print and broadcast media; therefore, there is significant government influence on the media. Further, political parties have power over the privately-owned press by directly owning media outlets or serving in management roles.

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