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Update: This source is no longer online.

Reasoning: Extreme Right, Islamophobia, Propaganda, Hate Group

Our Eye On Islam (OEOI) is an extreme right-wing anti-Islamic site packaging conspiracies and wildly distorted facts as “news”. There are no source links for their stories and no byline credit for the authors except OEOI itself. There is no pretense of impartiality on OEOI, and their stories are really just a collection of the rehashed, heavily biased rhetoric, intentionally misleading and misinterpreted “facts”, and outright fake news you typically find touted as “truth” on this type of site.

For example, in their story “Norway: Deported “Record Number” of Islamics And Crime Dropped Dramatically!” they reiterate a popular falsehood about Norway targeting Muslims with its immigration policies. As reported in Truth or Fiction, Norway did reform its immigration policies in 2011. The reforms, however, were in response to a record number of immigrants entering Norway between 1995 and 2011. In fact, the majority of the immigrants, and the deportees, were not from predominantly Islamic countries. The reforms actually addressed concerns regarding the integration of such a large number of immigrants, as well as prison overcrowding, but it was not specifically directed at Muslims:

“One of the main objectives of Norway’s immigration reforms has been to deport foreign citizens who are serving prison time there. The country has a limited number of prisons, and 30% of its prisoners were foreign citizens at one time. Most were from Poland, Lithuania, Nigeria, Iraq, and Romania, the U.S. Library of Congress reports.

The country has also cracked down on the number of new immigrants allowed into the country by denying more requests for asylum. Neither of those initiatives specifically targets Muslims, however. And it’s true that 824 unwanted individuals were deported from Norway in October of 2014, but it’s not true that all of them had ties to Muslim extremist groups, as the eRumor claims. In truth, less than one-third of Norway’s immigrants have come from predominately Muslim countries (Truth or Fiction).” (D. Kelley 3/3/2017)

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Source: http://www.oureyeonislam.com/

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