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Mongolia Political Orientation

Mongolia Government Political Orientation / Bias is Left-Center - Liberal - Social DemocracyFlag of Mongolia country profile


Government Type: Semi-Presidential Republic
Head of State: President Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh (since 2021)
Head of Government: Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene (since 2021) and Mongolian People’s Party Chairman.
Political Party: Mongolian People’s Party
Political Position: Center-Left

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 71.67 – Mostly Free
World Press Freedom Rank:
Mongolia 88/180

Since the collapse of Soviet communism and the breakup of the Bloc in 1990, Mongolia’s media has undergone substantial reforms, resulting in greater diversity and freedom of the press, making it one of the freest in the region. 

Recently, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) praised the decision of Mongolian President U.Khurelsukh to veto a controversial bill aimed at regulating social media, which RSF claimed posed a threat to freedom of expression. This move further highlights Mongolia’s commitment to protecting press freedom and maintaining a favorable media environment.

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

Media Ownership Monitor Mongolia, conducted by the Press Institute of Mongolia, found that only one in ten media outlets in Mongolia is transparent about its ownership, with many having political affiliations that limit their independence. This can result in limited diversity and biased reporting.

The website also notes that there have been instances of government pressure on journalists and media outlets, which can hinder press freedom. For example, the Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB), also known as Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (МҮОНRТ), is the state-funded official broadcaster in Mongolia and the most popular media outlet in the country, dominating the media landscape.

Regarding print media, The Mongol Messenger, an English-language newspaper published by the state-run Montsame, is circulated in government offices and overseas embassies.

Some privately owned media outlets in Mongolia include the Mongol News Group, which owns The UB Post, competing with The state-run Mongol Messenger. There is also Unoodor, the first privately owned daily newspaper in Mongolia, and MN 25, a news television broadcaster.

Ts. Baldorj, the founder of Mongol News Group, was a prominent media figure in Mongolia often referred to as the “Mongolian Rupert Murdoch.” Some critics have suggested that his rapid rise from editor to media baron was only possible due to his connections with the Communist Party. 

Overall, the media landscape in Mongolia presents challenges for ensuring a free and diverse press, as highlighted by the Media Ownership Monitor, which also reveals that the government owns all licensing and registration authorities for media monitoring and distributes the State advertisement budget without clear regulations. Furthermore, Mongolian journalists often produce “Paid Content” to supplement their income, resulting in limited editorial independence and exposing corruption as a major issue between politics, business, and the media.

Country Rating Methodology

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