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These media sources are slightly to moderately conservative in bias. They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor conservative causes. These sources are generally trustworthy for information, but may require further investigation. See all Right-Center sources.

Factual Reporting: HIGH

Notes: According to the Heterodox Academy about page they are “an association of more than 1,300 professors and graduate students who are standing up publicly to say that viewpoint diversity—specifically political diversity—is necessary for the health of an institution such as a university that thrives on disagreement and challenge.”

In an article, Heterodox Academy posts the political leanings of their members. Below is a chart listing the percentage breakdown of membership.

As seen on the chart, Right/Conservative and Libertarians make up 40% of membership compared to 18% that fall into the Left/Progressive group. From an economic perspective, which is the primary focus of this organization, the majority of members fall into the Right-Center bias category.

In review, the primary purpose of this organization is to promote a more right wing view point on college campuses as Heterodox Academy feels that college Professors have moved more to the left over the years. Their blog posts primarily revolve around economics that favor a more free-market approach. Heterodox Academy does not use loaded language and all information is very well sourced to credible information. Using Factual Search reveals that Heterdox has never failed a fact check. Overall, we rate Heterodox Academy Right-Center Biased based on its members and economic positions and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing. (D. Van Zandt 1/18/2018)

Source: https://heterodoxacademy.org

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