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These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage conservative causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Right Bias sources.

Factual Reporting: MIXED
World Press Freedom Rank: UK 40/180


Founded in 1900, the The Daily Express is a daily conservative national tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. The paper is published by Northern & Shell and the current editor is Gary Jones.

Funded by / Ownership

The Daily Express is owned by Reach plc (formerly known as Trinity Mirror) which is a British newspaper, magazine and digital publisher. The paper is funded through a subscription, newsstand sales and advertising model.

Analysis / Bias

The Daily Express is a British right wing tabloid newspaper that routinely utilizes sensational headlines such as this: NATO TERRIFIED: Trump may ‘seriously undermine’ alliance in Putin meeting – world on ALERT. Articles are typically written by journalist or correspondents and are reasonably sourced to credible information. However, like many tabloids the Daily Express also publishes conspiracy and pseudoscience articles such as these:  ‘Portal OPENS’ above New Jersey with some fearing it’s a sign of PLANET X  and Could this strange corpse be the world’s first proof aliens have visited Earth?

The paper’s editorial stances have often been seen as aligned to the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Euroscepticism and many other right-wing factions including the right-wing of the Conservative Party.

A factual search reveals a few failed fact checks via IFCN fact checkers.

Overall, we rate the Daily Express Right Biased based on editorial content and Mixed for factual reporting due to publishing conspiracies & pseudoscience as well as a few failed fact checks. (7/19/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 7/16/2018)





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