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Government Type: Parliamentary Republic (2021)
President: Sandra Mason (Largely Ceremonial)
Leader: Prime Minister Mia Mottley
Political Party:  Barbados Labour Party (BLP)
Political Position: Center-Left

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 76.18 Mostly Free
World Press Freedom Rank:

In 2023, Freedom House ranks Barbados as Free. The organization highlighted that Barbados enjoys a high level of press freedom, with journalists able to express themselves without facing significant threats or violence. Barbados is a democratic nation with frequent competitive elections and respect for civil liberties. However, it faces issues like limited government transparency, LGBT+ discrimination, violence, and poverty.

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

Barbados, once a British colony in the Atlantic, is recognized as a Caribbean Nation. It became independent in 1966 but retained close ties to the UK until transitioning to a republic in November 2021.

The media landscape includes state-run entities like the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which operates CBC TV, and private outlets such as “Nation News” and The Advocate (“Barbados Advocate”); the Advocate owns BBS 90.7 FM and Faith FM 102. Nation Publishing Co., part of One Caribbean Media Limited, produces the Nation Newspapers (including Daily Nation and its various editions) and magazines like Better Health and Fine Cuisine.

Despite a tradition of press freedom, concerns occasionally arise over media ownership concentration. While the government generally ensures the safety of journalists, there are still alarming incidents, such as the 2020 killing of Nation News photojournalist Christoff Griffith, which was condemned by Reporters Without Borders.

In summary, Barbados boasts a relatively free press environment, but the concentration of media ownership remains a concern for the diversity of voices and perspectives in the country’s media landscape.

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