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Atavist Magazine - Left Center BiasLEFT-CENTER BIAS

These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes.  These sources are generally trustworthy for information, but may require further investigation. See all Left-Center sources.

Factual Reporting: VERY-HIGH
World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180


Founded in 2011, Atavist Magazine is a monthly publication of longform narrative journalism. The stories are between 10,000 and 20,000 words and include video, interactive elements and full audio accompaniment. It was founded by Jefferson Rabb, Evan Ratliff, and Nicholas Thompson. Atavist Magazine has won numerous awards for journalism.

Funded by / Ownership

In June 2018, Atavist announced that they were being acquired by Automattic, which is the owner of WordPress. Atatvist Magazine is funded through a digital subscription model that costs $24.99 per year.

Analysis / Bias

In review, Atavist Magazine produces longform essays and investigative journalism that cover a wide range topics. Some of the topics covered are civil rights and historical in-depth stories about lesser known people in history. Atavist is written with a high level of journalism and story telling. All information reviewed was sourced and factual. While Atavist Magazine covers many topics most lean toward the left politically, though not all and not strongly.

Overall, we rate Atavist Magazine Left-Center biased based on left leaning story selection and Very-High for factual reporting. (D. Van Zandt 7/25/2018)


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