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MISLEADING Claim by Rebel News: Natural immunity persists for decades; Pregnant women aren’t at risk from COVID-19; DNA plasmids are in COVID-19 vaccines; no evidence that COVID-19 boosters are safe

Health Feedback rating: Misleading (The article cited various studies and sources that allegedly support its claims. But upon closer examination, these sources turn out to be unreliable, unrelated to the claim being made, or even contradict the claim. For example, some studies were represented as evidence that natural immunity persists for decades, when in fact the studies had reported waning of natural immunity months after infection.)

Rebel News article lacks evidence for claiming COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe and unnecessary

Rebel News Rating

Claim by Isabel Brown: Americans “currently are making less than at the height of the Great Depression.”

PolitiFact rating: Pants on Fire (Economists say that the scale of deprivation during the Great Depression was vastly greater than today’s economy. One federal statistic that the claim ignores is personal disposable income per capita. After accounting for inflation, income under this measurement is now more than six times higher than it was in 1930.)

Do Americans make less money now than during the Great Depression? That’s Pants on Fire!

Claim by 222 contributions with “zero donor information” to the campaign of Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis prove there was fraud.

Lead Stories rating: False (Not Required)

Fact Check: 222 Contributions With ‘Zero Donor Information’ Do NOT Prove There Is Fraud In Campaign Of Fulton County DA Fani Willis

Georgia Record Rating

FALSE Claim by Donald Trump (R): “Under Biden, real incomes have gone down by $7,400 per family. Under President Trump, yearly income went up by more than $6,000.”

PolitiFact rating: False (The gain on Trump’s entire watch was $4,529, not “more than $6,000. The most recent figure available for Biden is for 2021, which represented a drop of $402, not the $7,400 Trump cited.

Fact-checking Donald Trump on his economy and Joe Biden’s

Donald Trump Rating

FALSE Claim via Social media: Pilots holding strike signs at LAX due to potential COVID-19 mandates.

USA Today rating: False (The demonstration was unrelated to COVID-19 mandates, according to a spokesperson for the group in the video. It was held to show Southwest pilots’ frustration at not having a new contract.)

No link between LAX pilot picket and COVID-19 mandates | Fact check

FALSE (International: Philippines): Jonathan De Santos, former editor of, is an urban operative of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front.

VERA Files rating: False

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Former editor not a CPP-NPA-NDF operative, as Badoy claims without evidence

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