The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 08/18/2023

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TRUE Claim via Social Media: A bite from a Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) can cause an erection that lasts up to four hours. rating: True (While this Uplifting claim is true, don’t get too excited; the other symptoms include: local unbearable pain, salivation, visual disturbances, sweating, prostration, priapism, and death.)

Can a Bite From a Brazilian Wandering Spider Cause a Four-Hour Erection?

FALSE Claim via Social Media: Says the Georgia indictment of Donald Trump seeks to criminalize everyday activities like “tweeting that you’re watching TV,” “reserving rooms for meetings” and “asking someone for a phone number.”

PolitiFact rating: False (Not what the indictment says.)

Was Trump indicted for everyday actions, as allies claimed? Not according to Georgia indictment

Claim by The Gateway Pundit: Did Michigan police uncover 2020 Democrat election plot?

Newsweek rating: False (Although fraudulent applications were detected, they did not spoil the results of the 2020 election. The motivation for completing fraudulent applications was not associated with an attempted election plot. Two-hundred and fifty post-election audits conducted in Michigan found the 2020 election was “fair, secure and accurate.”)

Fact Check: Did Michigan Police Uncover 2020 Democratic Election Plot?

Gateway Pundit Rating

TRUE Claim via Social Media: Georgia requires mugshots for felony offenses.

KGW rating: True (Georgia requires mugshots for felonies, such as Trump RICO charge.)

Georgia does require mugshots for felony offenses

Claim by the People’s Voice: United Nations (UN) Chief Antonio Guterres purportedly said, ‘Christians who don’t accept minor-attracted persons (MAPs) will be excluded from society’

Check Your Fact rating: False (They made it up.)

FACT CHECK: Did The UN Chief Say ‘Christians Who Don’t Accept Minor-Attracted Persons Will Be Excluded From Society?’

FALSE (International: Philippines): Chinese special forces have started invading Taiwan.

Rappler rating: False

FACT CHECK: Video does not show Chinese invasion of Taiwan

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