Media Bias Fact Check Launches Interactive Country Freedom Map


Media Bias Fact Check, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive assessments of media bias, has launched an interactive map showcasing countries’ freedom worldwide. The map is valuable for students, researchers, and political enthusiasts seeking insights into the world’s political landscape.

The map features distinct colors to differentiate between the categories of country freedom, including excellent freedom, mostly free, moderate freedom, limited freedom, and total oppression. All 258 countries and territories have been thoroughly researched using MBFC’s unique methodology; additional information is available by clicking on the country. The search bar enables users to find countries that are difficult to locate quickly.

The Interactive Country Freedom Map focuses on displaying the levels of freedom and human rights in various countries. It categorizes countries based on indicators such as freedom of speech, press freedom, civil liberties, political rights, the rule of law, and other human rights factors. This map helps users assess and compare the relative freedom individuals in different nations enjoy.

Media Bias Fact Check is known for its low-biased and rigorous approach to assessing media bias. The website has a team of experienced editors and researchers who evaluate media sources based on objective criteria, including bias, factual accuracy, and transparency. The website’s mission is to promote media literacy and help people distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of news and information.

The map is available for free on the Media Bias Fact Check website. Visit to access the map and learn more about Media Bias Fact Check’s mission and methodology.


Dave Van Zandt

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