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Claim by Pete Buttigieg (D): Sen. Marco Rubio signed a 2021 letter that “supports waivers that would reduce visual track inspections.”

Politifact Rating: Mostly False (The letter did not explicitly advocate for fewer visual track inspections. But it encouraged the federal agency to embrace automated track inspection technology, which can detect some — but not all — track defects faster than human inspectors.)

Marco Rubio and Pete Buttigieg debated over train inspections; here’s what to know

Claim by Stew Peters: Zelenskyy Said The U.S. Should Send Its Sons And Daughters To War Now.

Lead Stories rating: False (Clipped Quote. He was speaking hypothetically if Ukraine were to lose the war.)

Fact Check: Zelenskyy Did NOT Say US Should Send Its Sons, Daughters To War Now — He Was Speaking Hypothetically If Ukraine Were To Lose War

Died Suddenly Rating

FALSE Claim by Kat Cammack (R): The Justice Department has been “calling parents that are concerned about what their kids are being taught, they are labeling them terrorists.”

Politifact rating: False (U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told federal agencies in 2021 to work to address criminal threats against school officials and staff. Garland’s memo did not mention the word “terrorist” and stated that “spirited debate” is protected by the Constitution.)

At CPAC 2023, Florida congresswoman repeats false claim about DOJ labeling parents ‘terrorists’

MISLEADING Claim by Children’s Health Defense:  “natural immunity provides superior protection to experimental vaccines; “They lied and said Natural Immunity wasn’t better than [vaccine]-induced immunity”

Health Feedback rating: Misleading (Infection and vaccination can both generate protective immunity, but vaccination does so in a safer way because it doesn’t require exposing the person to the disease.)

Infection-induced immunity is more unpredictable and poses a higher risk than vaccine-induced immunity

Children’s Health Defense Rating

FALSE Claim via Social Media: Fentanyl kills on skin.

Lead Stories rating: False (It absorbers too slowly to be deadly.)

Fact Check: Fentanyl Does NOT Kill On Skin Contact

FALSE (International: Australia): People are exposed to more radiation from being near to a 5G tower than being inside a microwave.

Australian Associated Press rating: False (The radiation inside a microwave is more than 150,000 times more powerful.)

5G microwave claim is well and truly cooked

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