Murdoch’s news outlets extend their criticism of Trump

For a second consecutive day, the recriminations about Republicans’ unexpectedly weak Election Day performance played a prominent role on the pages and over the airwaves of Rupert Murdoch’s media properties.

The consensus wasn’t kind to former President Donald J. Trump.

“Trump is the Republican Party’s biggest loser,” declared the headline on a Wall Street Journal editorial on Thursday, which accused Mr. Trump of having “Flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.”.

The cover of the New York Post on Thursday was just as scalding, if slightly more tongue-in-cheek.

It had an illustration of Mr. Trump depicted as Humpty Dumpty.

“Don had a great fall – can all the G.O.P.’s men put the party back together again?” the headline read. Inside, the Post ran an opinion piece by the conservative writer John Podhoretz, a frequent critic of the former president, that called Mr. Trump “The most profound vote repellent in modern American history.”

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