Supreme Court lifts restrictions on controversial Trump travel ban

In a move set to further to deepen the political divide of the United States, the Supreme Court has decided to lift restrictions on President Trump’s travel ban. The Court’s decision is set to kill the hopes of tens of thousands of refugees looking to enter the country.

The Supreme Court, at the request of the Justice department stayed a lower court ruling that would have made exceptions to some people affected by the President’s controversial ban. Under the ruling, an estimated 24,000 refugees would have been able to enter the country if they had obtained promises of assistance from refugee resettlement organizations.

This is just a series of movements to do with the ban, which was a cornerstone promise of Trump’s election campaign. Earlier, in June, the Supreme Court reinstated a partial version of the President’s bill whilst it waits a final decision. The Supreme Court decided that people with ‘bona-fide’ connections with the US would be allowed in, the term ‘bona-fide’ has been a source of much contention.

The controversial ban has caused turmoil at U.S Airports since its inception with tens of thousands protesting the ban and deeming it racist. Immigration security, thanks in part to individual state lawsuits were also left bewildered, not knowing who or who not to let in.

It is understood that states currently suing over the travel ban will have a chance to respond to this newest update.

More as it follows.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check

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