Koch Brothers Oppose Trump’s Trade/Tariff Policies

By Kenneth White

Bill Riggs, top spokesman for “Americans for Prosperity” which is part of the Koch Network that spends millions of dollars on candidates during election cycles, told CNBC recently, “We think when you look at tariffs this is a significant threat that can undermine tax reform and increase costs for people who are only just starting to feel the relief…we have a good line of communication with the White House’s economic policy team. They’ve explained their reasoning behind it (tariffs) and we just strongly disagree.” Three groups linked to the Koch Brothers – Freedom Partners, Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative – announced on Monday they are launching a campaign to push for free trade.

It is believed that this difference of opinion may become visible at election time if Trump’s tariff’s and trade policies remain intact. The coffers of the Koch Brothers may end up supporting GOP candidates who share the same open trade and no tariff vision for America’s future. Paul Ryan, whose campaign committee received nearly $500,000 from Americans for Prosperity said that he disagreed with the tariff action and feared its unintended consequences. Last year alone, Americans for Prosperity spent over $400,000 on both the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is dedicated to maintaining a GOP majority in the Senate.


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