Joe Lieberman Applauds Trump At Embassy Opening


By Kenneth White

As an active sponsor of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, which mandated a move of the American embassy away from Tel Aviv to somewhere in Jerusalem, Joe Lieberman was the sole Democrat on hand at the opening of the new building in the famed “No Man’s Land”, a zone created in 1949 after the armistice between Israeli forces and its Arab neighbors. The area remained demilitarized until the 1967 Six Day War.

Lieberman was interviewed by the Jerusalem post and had this to say about Donald Trump, the move of the embassy and new negotiations, “The first thing is that President Trump is not only unconventional, he is also new to a lot of these long-standing diplomatic controversies, so he does not have all the baggage from the past,” Lieberman said. “I think he just gave it a fresh look and said, ‘Well, why aren’t we recognizing Jerusalem? After all, Israel is our closest ally. Why are we timid about saying what is obviously true?’”

Lieberman said he thought that for Trump, this is “a show of both personal and national strength: that both he and the US do what they think is right.” He contends that the move sends important messages to both Israelis and Palestinians, especially around negotiations, “we are going to be honest with them and that we are not going to be bullied on an issue like this.” To Israel, it will show that “there are certain things that we understand are not negotiable – for instance, we know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”



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