Georgia School Board Arms Teachers


By Kenneth White

The Fannin County School Board voted unanimously to arm teachers who choose to carry weapons in holsters. Guns secreted in bags or purses are not allowed. Fannie County is north of Atlanta and borders Tennessee. The Possession of Weapons by Employees policy, whose descriptor code is GAMB, has language that includes “The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a safe and secure working and learning environment.”

There is no higher purpose of our school system than to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty and staff,” said Fannin County School Superintendent Dr. Michael Gwatney at a public reading of the policy. Types and quantities of weapons and ammunition each individual will be allowed to possess will be approved and monitored by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office and the superintendent, along with continued evaluation of any employee’s adherence to pre-defined criteria such as proper training. If implemented the personnel approved would remain confidential.


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