Texans Oppose Border Wall


By Kenneth White

In a Quinnipiac survey of a thousand Texas voters between April 12th and 17th some surprising numbers showed up. On the question of those opposed to building a wall on their southern border 53 percent said they disapproved, but 60 percent support using National Guard troops to patrol the border.

Also surprising was the revelation that 64 percent of Texan voters agree immigrants should be allowed to stay and eventually apply for citizenship. Only 20 percent of those polled responded that illegal immigrants should be required to leave the U.S.

In a 55% to 41% split, Texas voters supported stricter gun laws, and by a similar percentage they feel there should be a nationwide ban on assault weapons.

Plans for the wall stalled last month when Congress allocated $1.6 billion for border security measures in the omnibus spending package. Trump had demanded $25 billion.

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1 Comment on Texans Oppose Border Wall

  1. Even this poll is fake news. They use made up terms meant to strike dear, like “assault weapons” that don’t exist in private hands. This is how the left tries.tpnwin, by lying, cheating and stealing.

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