Neo-Nazis Gather to Discuss ‘Hot Button Issues’

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By Kenneth White

Counter protesters outnumbered neo-Nazis by a ten-to-one ratio at a rally held by the ‘National Socialist Movement’ in Newnan, Georgia. Ten protesters were arrested by police during and after the rally. In the town of Rome, Georgia, 20 members of the ‘League of the South’, another neo-Nazis group, congregated for about five minutes before they were asked to leave by the police.

The two groups joined together at the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar to burn a swastika some time later. Patrick Lanzo, owner of the bar, allows the group to gather on his property for its annual meeting. No officers were on hand to witness the swastika burning and the Paulding County Sheriff’s office did not receive any calls of complaint or a report of a fire. As the gathering and burning of a swastika was done on private land, no complaint could be filed.

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