Trump Lawyer Seeks To Stop Cohen Material Review

By Kenneth White

Joanna Hendon, a lawyer for President Trump, was in court on Friday to argue for a temporary restraining order regarding searches of Cohen’s home and office by FBI agents, the effect of which would stop the government from using seized materials in the Mueller investigation. Hendon said the president had “acute” and “weighty” interests at stake.

Joanna Hendon is a litigator for Spears & Imes, LLP, a firm based in New York. As the firms working relationship with the president was unseen at this point in time, Hendon is so far only known to be representing Trump in this singular matter.

Spears & Imes, LLP is part of the Committee on White Collar Criminal Litigation which seeks to educate and provide a forum for discussion on a range of issues related to White Collar crimes.

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