Russian Bots Made Fake Facebook Events, Retweeted Trump

Russian bots retweeted Donald Trump nearly half a million times in the final weeks of the 2016 campaign, and more than 60,000 Americans RSVP’d for Facebook events created by Kremlin-linked trolls, the social media giants revealed in congressional documents this month. … of cyber attacks and fake news floods to sow division and sway voters ahead of Trump’s surprise victory. Twitter revealed that Russian-linked…

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1 Comment on "Russian Bots Made Fake Facebook Events, Retweeted Trump"

  1. “Just take our word for it,” right? Face it, people. Ye olde Russian Tale ran its course by the end of summer, just to get recycled. It’s not improving with age.”Russian bot” and “Russian troll” have been reduced to mean, “anyone with whom I personally disagree,” or more broadly, “Anyone who does not march in lockstep with the Clinton right wing.” Since Trump took office, we’ve seen the notable buildup of US/NATO troops near the Russian border. Putin was not surprised by this, nor was he surprised by Trump’s economic sanctions, and no, the sane world doesn’t see these measures as gestures of friendship.


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