Poll: One Group Of People Love The Country Under Trump

The majority of Republicans are pleased with the direction of the country under Donald Trump, with satisfaction among party members the highest it has been since 2007, a new survey has revealed. … . A poll from Gallup, released on Monday, showed that 61 percent of Republicans are satisfied with the way things are going in the country, while just six percent of Democrats and seven percent …

Newsweek - Left Center Bias

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1 Comment on "Poll: One Group Of People Love The Country Under Trump"

  1. My neighbor the Trumptards are full blown liars. The “son” forgot when he shared with me that he and his children are on public aid and a full blow Tard. I see Schwans delivering every 2 weeks, and yes, they accept the card.
    I raised 2 children by MYSELF, I worked, it NEVER occurred to me to collect aid. But, that’s me. The point is that they scream to the high heavens that they are tards, yet, the old man and his son and children are ALL benefiting off of us by not conserving but receiving DELIVERIES of specialty foods.
    THAT is the type of hypocrisy that the Tards display. Don’t do as I do but do as I say…just like a Tard.
    I DESPISE BOTH PARTIES EQUALLY. Jesse Ventura has suggested we back a MAXIMUM WAGE since they made sure to mandate a MINIMUM WAGE and KEEP OUR CONSTITUTION.
    One thing, Mr. Wolff who’s information is pretty much what I expected, display of the 7 DEADLY SINS. Mr. Wolff is a Marxist, not a REAL American hero like Jesse Ventura who is championing our CONSTITUTION AND MAXIMUM WAGES which will give US some control over the hoarding of wealth like the Rothschild $400 + TRILLIONS NET WORTH. It is after all dirty money, 90% stolen maybe even higher…but NOTHING IS EVER SAID OR DONE.
    There are so many commies crawling out of the woodwork, Sanders, Wolff, Redacted News…ALL COMMIES. COMMIE and hot dogs or apple pies DO NOT GO TOGETHER. SCREW THE COMMIES, it does not work, V FOR VENDETTA, OUR CONSTITUTION AND control of our land.


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