More governments manipulate media with ‘bots,’ trolls: study

More governments are following the lead of Russia and China by manipulating social media and suppressing dissent online in a grave threat to democracy, a human rights watchdog said on Tuesday. ... manipulation from abroad, it is important for countries not to overreach," Kelly said. "The solution to manipulation and disinformation lies not in censoring websites but in teaching citizens how to detect fake ...


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1 Comment on More governments manipulate media with ‘bots,’ trolls: study

  1. How does one determine what is a “troll” or “bot,” since the original meanings of the words seem to have been perverted? I was first called a “Putin bot” for criticizing Hillary Clinton’s own record. Those who dispute the anti-Russian propaganda are commonly called “Russian trolls.” Neither is correct, and attaching the labels to “anything that I personally disagree with” has made legitimate political discussion very difficult. (And maybe that is actually the point of the anti-Russian campaign.)

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