Maryland Halts Trump’s Travel Ban

Following in the footsteps of Hawaii, a second federal judge has issued a halt on Trump’s Travel ban, claiming that Trump’s comments on both his campaign trail and Twitter are reason to believe it is religiously motivated.

U.S District Judge Theodore Chuang of Maryland issued the halt, dealing another blow to the President’s controversial ban, a cornerstone of his election. Chuang asserted that the ban which affects 6 majority Muslim nations is likely unconstitutional on the grounds of religious discrimination.

Chuang cited Trump’s comments from the campaign trail and before including his statement where he called for a “total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States.”

Chuang did not believe the government’s argument that the ban, which affects travelers from Syria, Libya, Chad, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, North Korea and some government officials from Venezuela are needed.

According to Chuang, Trump’s own statements “not only fail to advance, but instead undermine, the position that the primary purpose of the travel ban now derives from the need to address information sharing deficiencies.”

Chuang asserted that the ban “imposed a permanent, rather than temporary, ban on immigrants from the Designated Countries,”

It should be noted that Chuang did not go as far as his Hawaiian counterpart, lifting the restrictions for those only with a connection the US.

No comments as of yet from the Justice department.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check

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