Trump defends Puerto Rico effort, but his tweets draw new criticism

President Donald Trump on Sunday strenuously defended US efforts to bring relief to storm-battered Puerto Rico, even as one island official said Trump was trying to gloss over "things that are not going well." A day after Trump launched a Twitter attack against San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz following her desperate pleas for more help,…


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1 Comment on Trump defends Puerto Rico effort, but his tweets draw new criticism

  1. Daniel Spickard // October 1, 2017 at 4:41 pm //

    The first thing I want to say is, I think that that mayor needs to be replace for their disrespect to President Trump! Now for those who haven’t seen the devastation to the island of Puerto Rico, the first thing that needed to happen was for the roads to be cleared and made passable in order to get the supplies that are needed to those who need them! Then there is the power problem which the port needed in order to off load the supplies! So I know how powerless the island is but in order to get things where they need to go you first need roads! Once roads are cleared then you can start working to repair power lines and get power up and running! If I could I would be down there myself pitching in to help! So those who are in Puerto Rico hang in there and God bless!

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