The Justice Department Goes After Anti-Trump Facebook Groups

Lawyers working for the Trump administration filed three search warrants demanding private account information for thousands of Facebook users, including “anti-administration activists who have spoken out at organized events, and who are generally very critical of this administration’s policies,” according to CNN. One of the warrants being considered by the Department of Justice relates to the…

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1 Comment on "The Justice Department Goes After Anti-Trump Facebook Groups"

  1. The entire anti-Russian theme lost all legitimacy months ago. Russia was virtually a non-issue throughout the campaign. Then, within days after the election, the Clinton camp jumped from the predictable “Trump stole the election!” to the inexplicable, “Russia stole the election!” They’ve worked hard ever since then to build a tale to support that (stunningly reckless) claim. Every allegation to date has fallen flat under the weight of the facts.

    Trump is president because of our electoral college system. Both candidates were opposed by much of their own voting bases, for some of the same reasons. Roughly half of all voters rejected BOTH, and either voted third party or withheld their votes. In the end, Clinton got the most votes, but Trump got the most electoral votes, and Russia had nothing to do with any of it.

    Democrats have a problem that they can’t fix. They had long represented the “masses” — poor and middle class, workers and those who get left behind. They split their own voting base wide apart in the 1990s, and the past eight years only confirmed that this split is permanent.


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