Trump Rescinded Obama’s Flood Risk Rules Before Harvey

Donald Trump signed away Obama-era flood standards just weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in a bid to get infrastructure projects approved more quickly. The rule signed by former president Barack Obama in 2015 had not yet come into effect but aimed to make infrastructure more resilient to the effects of climate change, such as rising…

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2 Comments on "Trump Rescinded Obama’s Flood Risk Rules Before Harvey"

  1. First of all, it’s called weather folks, and yes, man cannot control the weather but he can adapt to it…it’s been happening since the beginning of time, you adapt, or you go extinct. I am sure the states know the best way to rebuild in each state, they don’t need washington dc politicians to tell them how to build streets in their particular part of the country, every state is different and is not “one size fits all”. washington needs to get the hell out of our lives and keep the terrorist out…

  2. Great, tell the people who lost everything in the Houston area. I’m sure they will appreciate your thoughts


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