Internet storm over Trump Jr.’s Russian interlocutor

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WASHINGTON — Natalia Veselnitskaya has become an internet sensation, and in politics that’s hardly ever a good thing. The Russian lawyer, little-known until she surfaced in news stories this week about a meeting with Donald Trump’s son during last year’s presidential campaign, has been falsely tied in the last 48 hours to two members of Congress…

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1 Comment on "Internet storm over Trump Jr.’s Russian interlocutor"

  1. The Clinton wing’s anti-Russian tale is being spun faster than the Bush wing spun their tale about “Iraq’s stockpiles of WMD.” The Bush lies launched the longest, most costly war in this country’s history. The Clinton lies have the potential of plunging the US into a catastrophic world war against Russia and China.

    This wasn’t a secret meeting. As the Russian attorney confirmed again this week, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss adoption policies between Russia and the US (many Russian children adopted by Americans since 1990s). It had nothing to do with the US election. Reportedly (its hard to tell which media to believe at this point) the Russian lawyer has strongly refuted Trump Jr.’s notorious tweet.


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