Mike Cernovich appears on 60 Minutes: Here is our rating of Danger and Play



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Bias: Extreme Right

Notes: Danger and Play is the blog/website for Mike Cernovich, an American social media personality and author. He is usually described as part of the alt-right, however he describes himself as “new right.” Cernovich is known for promoting false or unproven stories such as the claim that Hilary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease and most recently the debunked Pizzagate scandal. Clinton having Parkinson’s has been debunked here and here. Pizzagate has been debunked here and here. Danger and Play also has an extreme right bias in it’s promotion of conservatives and vilification of liberals as seen in both the Parkinson’s and Pizzagate conspiracies. Further, Mr. Cernovich has also landed a Pants on Fire rating from Politifact for his claim that Cleveland police are not ‘standing down’ during RNC. Overall, this source has an extreme right wing bias in reporting, promotes propaganda/conspiracy and should be viewed as highly questionable for accurate information.

Source: https://www.dangerandplay.com/

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