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logoEach day we continue to add sources to MBFC.  This is a slow process as all of us involved with MBFC have day jobs.  Over the next day or two we will add our 1000th source.  Thank you to all the people who submit sources for us to check.  You have found some very deep, crazy stuff that we would never find, as well as some gems that we did not know existed.  You also find huge media sites that we simply miss.  Keep them coming!

Thanks to the generous people who have donated, we will shortly be moving the site to a self host that will allow us more flexibility with design and features that hopefully will make the site more dynamic.  Though we must admit, we like the clean simplicity of the current site. Regardless, the move will allow us to improve our search feature so that it targets more directly what you are looking for. We are shooting for January 1st as the transition date as we would expect low traffic. We expect the site may be down for a few hours as we put the pieces back together.  If you have the means please visit our page and donate a few bucks.  Everybody contributing to the site is doing so for free because we care deeply about bias and truth in media.  Even a few dollars for beer money would be motivating.

We also recently added a link for people to request fact checks.  We have received many.  Unfortunately, many of them are vague.  When requesting a fact check be very specific.  For example: Did Donald Trump really say he will deport 11 million illegal aliens?  We have assembled a group of fact checkers who are ready to go.  We just need a solid fact check that has not been done by the large outlets such as Politifact, Snopes, etc.

Lastly, we have an Android app.  It is essentially our website and search feature that you can access from your phone or tablet.  It is certainly not a final version.  At this point it is more of a test to see if people even want this.  If people  want this we might spend some money and make a dynamic app.  Right now the app is low priority as the content of the website is #1.  If you want to try it you can get it here: MBFC News App. We have not put a link on the website yet because we want some feedback on it first.  Let us know what you think?  We welcome feedback on our contact form.  Feedback is essential to making this site as accurate and useful as possible.

Thanks for supporting us!

Dave Van Zandt

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