Top News Stories 2/22/16


This is a new feature in which we will publish what we feel are the top 5 or so news stories of the day.  The first story will always be the “Big News” story of the day regardless if it is political or related to media bias.  The other news stories will focus on politics and interesting news stories from the least biased sources.  Here are the top 5 stories for today.  Let us know what you think.

(Top Story) Uber driver to be charged today with Kalamazoo rampage (Miami Herald)

Workers threw out U.S. nuclear secrets with common rubbish for 20 years (Public Integrity)

Trump wrongly says Obamacare has ‘no options,’ competitive bidding (Politifact)

SCOTUS nominations in election years: What does history tell us? (Christian Science Monitor)

Canadians argue over how to promote religious freedom abroad (Economist)


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