More Gun Laws Less Death. More Crime?

By Dave Van Zandt (01/09/16)

According to a National Journal report citing the CDC and The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, states with the most gun laws have the fewest gun deaths per capita.  States with stand your ground laws also have a higher homicide rate.  Almost double of the states that do not have this law.  See Chart.


Evidence indicates more gun laws (control) leads to less gun deaths.  Does this mean these states have more crime?

Does more gun regulations lead to more crime?  This is an argument that does not have clear data because it is not possible to correlate increases or decreases in crime simply by the amount of gun laws.  However, the states that have the least restrictive gun laws also have higher than average crime rates.  A Factcheck article on 10/1/15 revealed that there is not a correlation between gun laws and crime.  According to Politifact, statistics show that economic factors such as poverty is a stronger influence on crime rates.  It should also be noted that poorer states tend to have the least restrictive gun laws.  Again, it cannot be determined if guns or poverty is the cause of increased crime.

In summary, more gun restrictions leads to less gun deaths, but does not necessarily have an effect on the crime rate in those states.


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1 Comment on "More Gun Laws Less Death. More Crime?"

  1. actually The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence uses biased and manipulated statistics to meet their facts.


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