Did Donald Trump Re-Tweet a Graphic of Sanders Beings Gassed in a Chamber?



blatant-lieThere has been a viral message floating around social media that Donald Trump Re-tweeted a graphic that shows Bernie Sanders being gassed in a Nazi chamber as Trump pushes the button.  See image below.  The image comes from https://twitter.com/WhiteGenocideTM, which appears to be a satire account, though the page is littered with anti-semitism and racist language.  Donald Trump in the past had re-tweeted an image from this account that showed a picture of Jeb Bush pan handling and homeless in front of Trump Tower.  That seems to be Trump’s only connection to this account.

Donald Trump did not re-tweet or endorse this photo in any way.  We rate this a Blatant Lie.

screen-shot-2016-01-22-at-13719-אחה״צ-1453489120 (1)

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