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Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information; therefore, fact-checking and further investigation is recommended on a per-article basis when obtaining information from these sources. See all Conspiracy-Pseudoscience sources.

  • Overall, SGT Report is a right-wing, strong conspiracy website that is low in factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks.

Detailed Report

Factual Reporting: LOW
Country: USA
MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY


According to their about page: “SGT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best known voices in the world of economics and precious metals.  SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.  And as the global economic outlook continues to deteriorate, SGT Report urges its readers to prepare for seismic shifts in the global financial system – and to prepare for the end of the US Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.”

According to Whois the domain was purchased in 2010 and is registered privately.

Funded by / Ownership

SGT Report does not disclose ownership and appears to be funded through online advertising.

Analysis / Bias

In review, SGT Report is a conspiracy website that primarily reports on the impending meltdown of the economy and the end of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. SGT Report also covers politics with a far-right bias that always favors the right and is typically conspiratorial. For example, Donna Brazile and DC Mayor at Hospital With Seth Rich? The source for this story is the Official Hagmann Report, which appears to be an unknown conspiracy-based YouTube Channel.

Besides foretelling impending economic doom, this site also promotes the New World Order conspiracy theory: THE VATICAN NWO AGENDA & PROPHECY EXPOSED. Finally, during the Covid-19 pandemic, SGT Report frequently promoted disinformation and propaganda regarding the Covid vaccines (see failed fact checks.)

Failed Fact Checks

Overall, SGT Report is a right-wing, strong conspiracy website that is low in factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks. (D. Van Zandt 8/31/2018) Updated (08/16/2023)


Last Updated on August 16, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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