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Pseudoscience: Consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method (unproven, not testable, or opposed to the consensus of traditional science).


Definition:  Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals that they believe stimulate the healing process. The basic premise behind homeopathy is “like cures like.” An example is onion’s make your eyes water, therefore it is used to treat allergies. Homeopathy is used for a wide range of illnesses and symptoms such as Migraines, Depression, and Pain.

Reasoning: After assessing more than 1,800 studies on homeopathy, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council were only able to find 225 that were rigorous enough to analyze. And a systematic review of these studies revealed: “no good quality evidence to support the claim that homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions.” In another study by the same group, showed that it was effective for zero of 68 illnesses. A similar review in the United Kingdom also showed that homeopathy does not work and recommended that the National Health Service stop funding its use.

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Conclusion: There isn’t any evidence to suggest that homeopathy is an effective treatment for anything. Most importantly, homeopathy is dangerous when relied upon to cure life-threatening ailments such as cancer or other high mortality diseases.

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