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Government Type: Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy
Leader: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre
Political Party: Labour Party
Political Position: Center-Left

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 97.91 – Excellent Freedom
World Press Freedom Rank:
 Norway 1/180

According to Reporters without Borders the “the media of Norway are free, and journalists are not subject to censorship or political pressure. Violence against journalists and media outlets is rare.”

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

Newspapers in Norway are primarily held by three owners that represent 61% of the circulation. These owners are Schibsted, Amedia, and Polaris Media. The NRK radio station is owned by the state and controls 65% of the market. Two Government agencies regulate media in Norway. The first is the Norwegian Media Authority, which rates content, handles license applications, and determines Government subsidies for media outlets. Lastly, they oversee mergers and acquisitions that they either approve or disapprove of, depending on whether it benefits the media as a whole. The second agency is the Norwegian Competition Authority, responsible for managing the Competition Act of 2004. Essentially, they ensure the fairness of media competition. Finally, although Norway’s Broadcasting Act prohibits interference from Government authorities into matters concerning individual programs, the government and the parliament decide on the license fee, which gives the political leaders some power over public broadcasters.

In summary, as of 2021, though not perfect, Norway has the freest press in the world.

Country Rating Methodology

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